If Vegas is all you need for your Breeding program. Then you've come to the right place, Texas.


Breeding your Horse should not be a roll of the dice, your decision should be based on proven facts not what's in the cards. It also should be based on genetics, performance, and years of experience on how you should increase your bottom line. Double M WarHorse Ranch has put together a winning combination in their Stallions and Mares. Bringing you a future Herd Sire, Hitch Horse, or something that's a sure bet. We have something for everyone even if you are pro or just starting out. We only use certain bloodlines that have that all around combination of the best of both Worlds. So give us your best shot we will have 3 outstanding Draft Studs standing Next year for 2014. We will present these big guys during the Winter Holidays so you can have something extra for your New Years Resolution.


Mark and Beverly McGowan
Double M WarHorse Ranch
8090 Wood Lane
Terrell, Texas 75160
469-474-1255 Cell Please no calls after 10 pm
WhoaDamItWhoaaa@msn.com Is better for contacting
since we travel to shows and breeding farms..

Draft Horses...For When Size Matters.

We want to thank the people at Vetericyn for their outstanding product. We fully endorse this product and found it fully treats our Horses cuts and wounds at a amazing speed and with no problems
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